Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a special holiday where friends, family, and furry family members come together in the spirit of thankfulness. However, Thanksgiving can present potential food hazards to your pet’s health and happiness. Here are some helpful food tips to ensure your pet is healthy and safe during the holiday.

Most pet parents know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs but many are unaware that several low/no sugar deserts, peanut butter, and gums contain an artificial sweetener – xylitol – that is highly toxic to dogs and cats. Fatty foods such as turkey and gravy, are hard for pets to digest and can cause a life-threatening condition known as pancreatitis. Raw yeast bread dough can cause painful gas and a life-threatening condition known as bloat. Turkey bones of any kind are dangerous to your pet as they can splinter or cause intestinal blockage, which may require emergency surgery. Onions, raisins, and grapes are also harmful to your pet’s health.

Though it is tempting to give your pet a holiday treat from the table, it is best to keep your cat or dog on their regular diet. If you really want to give them something special as a holiday meal, you can mix pumpkin, sweet potato, mashed potato, carrots, or green beans in with their regular food. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!