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Preventive Care

Maintain your pet’s health. Prevent health problems before they arise.

Dr. Susan is one of the most compassionate & skilled vets I’ve had the honor to take my dogs to. From assessing & diagnosing treatment to taking care of me as well when things took a turn for the worse with my dog Libby, I will forever be grateful for her kindness & caring for me, & my other dog Ossie.

DeAnna Radaj

Comprehensive Physicals

A comprehensive physical exam, performed at least annually, allows us to detect health problem(s) early on, which gives your pet a better prognosis, simpler treatment, and faster recovery, all the while reducing your medical expenses.

Dental Care

From at-home dental kits to preventive teeth cleanings — we got your pet covered. We use the latest in modern dental products and technology, including digital dental x-rays, to ensure your pet’s mouth stays disease free.

Parasite Control

Your pet cannot be protected from fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and heartworm without your help and ours. Together, we will design a prevention program that is safe, effective, and easy to manage. Learn about our Remind Me program to see how easy parasite control can be.


Your pet’s best and first line of defense against disease is to vaccinate. We strive to tailor a vaccine protocol in the best interest of your pet. We also offer vaccine titers for those pets that are immunocompromised.


A balanced and proportionally controlled diet is essential to your pet’s good health. But, with so many food choices in the market it is hard to know which is right for your pet. Let us develop a safe and nutritionally balanced diet plan that best fits your pet’s lifestyle.  Dr. Susan Bonilla has recently completed training in Food Therapy and currently pursuing her certification as a Veterinary Food Therapist.


Using the latest in reference lab technology, we will work with you to establish your pet’s baseline as early as possible. Allowing us to monitor any subtle changes in your pet’s health and screen for serious diseases, harmful parasites, and painful infections.

Pet Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected. Learn how Pet Insurance can change the way you view your pet's health. Read Understanding Pet Insurance to get started today.

It's never too late to protect your pet's health.

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