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Complementary Care

Scientifically proven. Minimally invasive. Maximally effective.

Dr. Susan starting caring for one of my dogs after just arriving to Charlotte, NC. She was so gentle and patient with him at every acupuncture appointment. She listened to all my concerns even if they were not as serious as I thought they may be. When an emergency did occur, she always communicated back to me in a timely manner and was available for questions. Guinness was a high maintenance dog and always required Dr. Susan to allow as many face kisses as he wanted to give her and she accepted them all!! I have since switched my other two dogs to her and have been so happy with her high level of care! My two young boys also love coming to appointments with me and I have even found them counting vertebrae like Dr. Susan does before placing a needle. She answers their questions as well and generally provides them with sugar.

Jessica Hargis


When used alone or with conventional medicine, it successfully treats a wide variety of medical conditions such as arthritis and nerve injuries, and behavioral problems such as anxiety and inappropriate urination.


Trauma, injury, or degenerative wear and tear to your pet’s spine negatively effects the spine’s surrounding muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Correcting spinal misalignment restores function and mobility to the injured spine, allowing your pet to regain and maintain strength, vigor, and well being.

Physical Therapy

The purpose of pet physical therapy, or animal rehabilitation, is to ensure muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments are optimized for movement and functional ability. If your pet has been injured, disabled, or undergone surgery, physical therapy is the key to a successful recovery and healthy life.

Herbal Therapy

We offer natural treatment options backed by extensive clinical research and proven safe and effective for specific health problems, behavioral disorders, and diseases. To maximize results, other complementary treatments or traditional medicine are often prescribed alongside the herbal therapy.

Pet Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected. Learn how Pet Insurance can change the way you view your pet's health. Read Understanding Pet Insurance to get started today.

It's never too late to protect your pet's health.

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