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What is a microchip?

I found a stray dog – can I give him/her to you?

I can’t keep my cat/dog anymore because I am moving, can you put him/her to sleep?

Do you offer boarding?

As a hospital, do you provide full medical services or emergency only?


I just recently moved here, can I get heartworm prevention?
Do I need to give my cat/dog, flea prevention year round?
My dog/cat doesn’t go outside, do I need to have him/her on heartworm or flea/tick prevention?
Why do I need a heartworm test if my dog/cat does not go outside?


I noticed my dog is limping, how much Advil can I give him/her?
My dog just ate chocolate, what should I do?
My dog just ate rat poison, what should I do?
My dog has been vomiting for a few days, what can I give him/her?
A snake bit my dog, what should I do?
My male cat is constantly going to the litter box, but I don’t think anything is coming out; do I need to bring him in?
My dog ate rib bones and he is vomiting, is there anything I can give him to settle his/her stomach?
What is leptospirosis?
My dog has diarrhea, if I give him Gatorade will that fix him/her?
I see worms in my dog’s stool; can I have medication to kill the worms?
I have seen reports about the dog flu online and on TV, should I be concerned? Is there a dog flu shot?
My dog is scratching at his/her ears, I am sure he has an ear infection, is it possible to just pick up medication?
My dog/cat is having trouble breathing, should I bring him/her in?
My friend got a puppy and the puppy has worms, will I get worms if I touch the puppy?
My friend’s dog has kennel cough, can my dog play with him/her?


Do you crop dog’s ears?
Do you recommend de-clawing cats?
Why does a spay cost more than a neuter?
Why do I need bloodwork done on my pet before surgery if my pet looks fine?


Do you accept CareCredit?
Do you offer consumer financing?
Do you offer payment plans through the hospital?
Do you have wellness plans like Banfield?
Do you accept pet insurance?

Complementary Care (Acupuncture/Chiropractic/Physical Therapy)

I would like acupuncture for my pet but will the needles hurt him/her?
When you perform chiropractic do you “crack” my pet’s back?
What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?
What does acupuncture treat?


Do you groom cats?
Do you offer handstripping?
What vaccines do you require for grooming?

Pet Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected. Learn how Pet Insurance can change the way you view your pet's health. Read Understanding Pet Insurance to get started today.

It's never too late to protect your pet's health.

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