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Professional Dog Grooming

Looking good. Feeling great.

On a whim, I stopped in to Passionate Paws to ask about their grooming services, figuring that perhaps I could find a groomer, develop a relationship with him/her, and not have to experience the revolving door for my babies. I can’t even tell you how overjoyed I was to be reunited with my favorite groomer from the chain store–Brittany Davis. Brittany loves what she does and it shows. Even my dogs were overjoyed to see her! What calms my heart is that Brittany has found a home at Passionate Paws where she is valued, and where she can focus on caring for her customers. What makes me know that my dogs are cared for is that they showed no hesitation to leave me when Brittany led them to the grooming area. Every person we have met at Passionate Paws has loved on my dogs. That means a lot to this dog mama. I can’t recommend Brittany enough!

Susan Jenkinson

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Passionate Paws Animal Hospital provides full-service dog grooming in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Our expertly trained pet stylists are both proud members of the National Dog Groomers Association of America and attend continuing education conferences annually to stay up to date with the latest grooming trends and stylings and pet safety/handling techniques.  In 2017, Brittany Davis won The Charlotte Media Group’s Best of Weekly for Best Groomer.

Our stylists have a passion for what they do and it shows in every pet they groom. Your satisfaction is their number one priority, which is why a complimentary grooming consult is always provided to ensure your pet is styled and groomed according to your wishes.

At Passionate Paws, we never overbook. Your pet will receive all the individualized attention she or he needs to be groomed to perfection. And because we are an animal hospital, we have the unique ability to provide care for pets with special needs.

We offer an array of dog grooming services and high-quality products for you to choose that will be sure to rejuvenate your pet’s senses.

Please note that we require proof your pet is up to date on the following vaccines: rabies, distemper/parvo, and bordetella.  We understand that many grooming facilities do not require bordetella but as an animal hospital safety is our top priority for all of our patients.   If your pet is not up to date on any vaccine or has never received a vaccine (not due to a medical condition), we will not be able to groom your pet until the vaccine(s) are updated. For your convenience we can update your pet’s vaccine(s), with your permission, on the day of their grooming appointment.



We invite you to treat your pet to a relaxing grooming session by our professional grooming staff. We are offering a $5 OFF Voucher for all first time visitors. Please enter your name and email below and our voucher will be emailed to you.

Spa Packages

For those pet parents that are looking for more than just the classic bath or cut, we also offer a Spa package and Furminator® package. The Spa package spoils your pet in spa quality premium shampoos and conditioners, facial scrubs, and nail grinding. The Furminator® package uses the Furminator® brand of shampoo and conditioner along with the Furminator® tool to pull the undercoat out from your pet resulting in a smoother, softer coat and significant reduction in shedding.

Rejuvenating Baths

Your pet will feel refreshed after a relaxing bath and dry. These are great when your pet is in between cuts. We also offer specialty baths such as anti-itch, coat color enhancement, and medicated. Every bath includes anal gland expression from the outside, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

Hair Styles

During your complimentary consult, you will have an opportunity to discuss your pet’s hair, specific needs you may have, and any concerns. Our pet stylist is well trained in both standard and mixed breed grooming styles and is expertly skilled in both clipping and hand scissoring. Every haircut includes bathing, drying, anal gland expression from the outside, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

Puppy Baths

Animal behaviorists and training experts will tell you that puppies should be exposed to as much stimuli as possible so as to limit the chances of developing fear behaviors. Want your puppy to love bath time and grooming? Expose them early on. Our pet stylist will slowly and gently work with your puppy to get him or her accustomed to water, handling, kenneling, and drying. At Passionate Paws, we only use tearless rated shampoos that are as gentle as human baby shampoos to ensure your puppy has a great experience.

Pet Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected. Learn how Pet Insurance can change the way you view your pet's health. Read Understanding Pet Insurance to get started today.

It's never too late to protect your pet's health.

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